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Pick of the Day – May 2020

Feedback on the flowers:

  • They are beautiful Paula, Thank you!
  • Love the nostalgia of old fashioned roses.
  •  I have the ones you gave me on my bedside table. I can even smell them in my dreams! Lovely flowers x
  • Great idea I’m sure it will be a great venture and next time I’m in the dog house I’ll put in an order 😜
  • Paula your flowers are so beautiful!
  • I picked up this absolutely stunning bouquet of flowers from Paula Moses at Summerbottom Flowers earlier and wanted to share them with you all so you can also appreciate the talent there is in the village. They smell amazing too!
  • Thanks Paula, my sister loved them!
  • Gorgeous, just signed up for regular updates.

Send me a message, buy a one-off bunch or book a regular flower subscription for yourself, your family or a special friend.

Flowers available March to September 2021

Once you place your order you can transfer payment securely via monzo or message me for bank details.

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