Sweet and loving Honeysuckle.

If you were to design a flower – what would it look like?

One favourite for many people is honey suckle and it is completely in season at the moment so this is a good time to look for it in the woods, hedgerows. scrubland and Summerbottom Flower bunches.

Honeysuckle has a very straightforward meaning – happiness! it also symbolises friendly affection which is the perfect for us as many of our bunches are ordered by people to be delivered to their friends or loved ones.

Ancient folklore believed that if honeysuckle was grown around the entrance to the home it would prevent a witch from entering. In other places it is believed that honeysuckle grown around doors will bring good luck and that if it grows in your garden then you are protected from evil. Honeysuckle’s intoxicating, sweet scent is particularly strong at night – pollinating moths may detect it from a quarter of a mile away!

Honeysuckle is a climbing shrub which can grow to six metres tall, It has deep crimson buds which give a jewel like quality to hedges and our flower arrangements. There are also varieties which are white and yellow. I love that when I put it in an arrangement it will respond differently to the different colours of the surrounding flowers – sometimes it looks more golden, sometimes pink and at other times, white.

Honeysuckle is currently in all our arrangements – sending you lots of happiness and affection – and definitely no witches!

Published by @permanent_ed

Permanent Education is run by Paula Moses and Rebecca Gough: Teachers, Philosophy for Children Facilitators, PhD Student and Permaculturalist.

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