Flowers which are ‘grown not flown’

Did you know that an estimated 90% of the flowers sold through UK florists, supermarkets and wholesalers are imported not just from Holland, but flown from as far afield as Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia? 

Flowers grown by Summerbottom Flowers are freshly picked to order, early in the morning, and locally delivered, saving thousands of travel miles.

Not only are our flowers not flown but they are flowers that would probably not survive a plane journey because they are delicate and rare varieties. However, they will survive at least a week in your home as I provide details of how to care for them with every bunch.

My current favourite (apart from the Roses as they will always be my favourite!) is Astrantia from the Latin word Aster for star. This flower looks very delicate but it is a long lasting perennial, which you can also use as a dried flower.

All my bunches currently include some astrantia along with roses and other seasonal flowers, grasses and foliage.

I look forward to preparing your bunch in the future – either as a treat for yourself or one that I can deliver to a friend on your behalf.

Paula x

Published by @permanent_ed

Permanent Education is run by Paula Moses and Rebecca Gough: Teachers, Philosophy for Children Facilitators, PhD Student and Permaculturalist.

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